Novilco offers end to end mechanical and automation engineering and fabrication services.

Steel Conveyor for Recycling Center

Custom Fabrication

Mechanical Equipment, Steel Structures, Trailers

Novilco can fabricate custom equipment per plans and specifications. Several industries such as power (cogeneration), mining, mobile equipment, heavy machinery and materials handling have already benefitted from this service.

Structural Steel Fabrication
CWB certified welders
Custom Structural Steel Fabrication

Welding and Structural Steel

Contract Manufacturing

Novilco is certified Level 1 by the Canadian Welding Bureau and can fabricate all types of steel structures per the plans and specifications supplied by its customers. We can also provide general and detailed engineering by collaborating with our network of specialist partners. Our team can deliver custom projects within strict deadlines.   

CWB Certification

Industrial Equipment

Novilco offers end to end mechanical engineering and fabrication services, from measurement taking to start-up. Working with Novilco’s experts will allow you to attain your goals vis a vis start-up, modification or fabrication of new equipment.

  • Product development per plans and specifications
  • Evaluation and editing of plans and specifications
  • 2D and 3D technical drawing services
  • Engineering and Project Management Services
  • Fabrication and installation of all types of equipment, including mechanical welding, automation and control
  • Fixed and mobile mechanical equipment



CNC & Conventional

Novilco owns and operates several conventional and numerical machining tools and offers a wide range of machining services. We can repair or fabricate all types of mechanical components, per original or revised specifications to improve the performance of your equipment.

Our equipment:

  • 2 CNC lathes - capacity up to 19'' dia x 42'' long
  • 1 CNC milling -  table: 6'' x 42''
  • 1 CNC boring -  10 ton capacity, or 110'' x 96''
  • 3 conventional lathes - capacity up to 27'' dia x 200'' long
  • 1 spikes lathe (for debarker spike rolls)
  • 1 conventional milling - table: 20'' x 70''
  • 2 drills