Our clients - Sawmills and Planermills

  • JD Irving Ltd
  • Fornebu Lumber
  • MP Atlantic Wood
  • Resolute Forest Products
  • Eacom Timber Corporation
  • Apollo Forest Products
  • Lignarex
  • Canfor Forest Products
  • Maibec
  • HJ Crabbe Lumber
  • Séchoir MEC
Continuous Electrical Tilt-Hoist, Fornebu Lumber, NB
Irving FP - Log Infeed Line

Sawmills and Planermills

Installation of a fully automatic stick infeed and placing line, H.J. Crabbe & Sons, NB

Installation of a Sniper lug loader, board turner and trimming scanner/optimiser, Lignarex, Saguenay, QC

Installation of new continuous electrical tilt hoist, Fornebu Lumber, NB

Installation of stacker line and automatic stick infeed line, Apollo FP, Fort St.James, BC

Installation of Eco-Stack stacker, GDS, QC

Fabrication of log infeed line, Irving Forest Products, Ashland, ME

Installation of Cut-in-two trap, Eacom Nairn Center, ON