Heavy Duty Drive - Backlash Problems

Client: Electrical Cogeneration Station - St-Felicien, Qc

Problem:  The plant's bark infeed system, driven by a 200 HP drive, suffered recurrent transmission jams where the chain would break and backlash among the equipment, severely damaging the equipement each time. These damages were time consuming and expensive to fix. Both the original equipment manufacturer and drive manufacturer have been unable to fix the problem. Then in came Novilco.

Solution:  Novilco's engineers examined closely the situation and designed a protection system to reduce the effects of the breakdowns. The proposed system is super heavy-duty and self-destructive, absorbing the chock of the heavy chain when it breaks, thus saving the expensive and production-sensitive equipment. Since its installation, the system has proven its value several times and the plant has not suffered downtimes and expenses again due to the bark infeed system breaking down. 

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