Custom Asphalt Trucks - City of Montreal

Delivery of custom-built heated asphalt trucks to the City of Montreal, made to fit the City's proprietary "multi-mode" system. The boxes come equiped with a long list of accessories:
- Two diesel burners and an aluminum DOT-approved aluminum diesel tank
- Telescopic Dump Cylinder
- ?Hydraulically operated loading and unloading doors, shoveling platform and tamper-plate lift
- Heated tack tank and spray system
- Pressurised Solvent system with two spray guns
- Tool boxes
- Arrow board and seven work lights (Flood)


Demo Units across Canada

Novilco's asphalt equipment distributor, Cubex Ltd, is stocking demo units in 4 locations across Canada. Montral, Brantford, Winnipeg and Calgary will now have 4T trailers available for demonstrations and rentals.