Our clients - Sawmills and Planermills

  • Hampton Lumber
  • Vanderwell Contractors
  • JD Irving Ltd
  • Groupe Crête
  • Boisaco
  • Fornebu Lumber
  • MP Atlantic Wood
  • Resolute Forest Products
  • Eacom Timber Corporation
  • Apollo Forest Products
  • Lignarex
  • Canfor Forest Products
  • Maibec
  • HJ Crabbe Lumber
  • Séchoir MEC

Custom Asphalt Trucks - City of Montreal

Delivery of custom-built heated asphalt trucks to the City of Montreal, made to fit the City's proprietary "multi-mode" system. The boxes come equiped with a long list of accessories:
- Two diesel burners and an aluminum DOT-approved aluminum diesel tank
- Telescopic Dump Cylinder
- ?Hydraulically operated loading and unloading doors, shoveling platform and tamper-plate lift
- Heated tack tank and spray system
- Pressurised Solvent system with two spray guns
- Tool boxes
- Arrow board and seven work lights (Flood)


Continuous Electrical Tilt-Hoist, Fornebu Lumber, NB
Irving FP - Log Infeed Line

Sawmills and Planermills

Installation of sorter outfeed line, ECOSTACk stacker and double-magazine stick placers, JD Irving Ltd, NB

Installation of a fully automatic stick infeed and placing line, H.J. Crabbe & Sons, NB

Installation of a Sniper lug loader, board turner and trimming scanner, Lignarex, Saguenay, QC

Installation of new continuous electrical tilt hoist, Fornebu Lumber, NB

Installation of stacker line and automatic stick infeed line, Apollo FP, Fort St.James, BC

Installation of ECOSTACK stacker, GDS, QC

Fabrication of log infeed line, Irving Forest Products, Ashland, ME

Installation of Cut-in-two trap, Eacom Nairn Center, ON

Demo Units across Canada

Novilco's asphalt equipment distributor, Cubex Ltd, is stocking demo units in 4 locations across Canada. Montral, Brantford, Winnipeg and Calgary will now have 4T trailers available for demonstrations and rentals.