Lumber Handling

Sniper Lug LoaderPrint

The Sniper is a low maintenance, fast and highly efficient new generation lug loader. While designed to increase the level of safety for the operators, it’s versatility also makes it a highly sought after machine for sawmills, planer mills and reman mills.



  • Designed for high speed applications and tested at speeds up to 350 boards per minute, the Sniper is the most versatile lug loader on the market, being efficient at any speed and lumber dimensions
  • Has an independent drive system, hence it does not transfer any vibrations or oscillations to the line
  • The absence of grabbing fingers with serrated edges enables it to handle boards without leaving any marks, making it ideal for planermill, white pine or hardwood applications
  • A very reliable, low maintenance machine
  • Can simultaneously handle boards of varying dimensions (length, width and thickness)
  • The absence of a rotational wheel with grabbing fingers makes for a linear system, without a change in elevation
  • between infeed and outfeed
  • A modular design for easy maintenance and flexibility
  • A module can be added at any time to adapt the machine to the product mix
  • Infeed board management system prevents screw boards and allows skipping at any moment
  • The Sniper adjusts automatically to the speed of the line
  • Patented