Stacking / Stick Infeed

High Speed Ecostack StackerPrint

Stacking your lumber fast and efficienctly. Novilco's robotic Ecostack is an entirely reinvented high-speed stacker that increases the stacking effciency of sawmills and planer mills, all the while decreasing project, operations and maintenance costs.



The Novilco EcoStack introduces a new way to stack boards

  • No more forks: Sliding mechanism activated by elctrical linear actuators
  • Robotic compact design: all movements are managed by intelligent servo motors
  • No row preparation required
  • Fits in the space of a single-fork stacker, but yields stacking speeds surpassing traditional double-fork stackers
  • Around 70% less energy consumption than traditional stackers as the Eco-Stack is powered
  • Self-protected against mechanical hits and breaks. Super-easy reset.
  • Simple mechanical design, using significantly fewer components than a traditional stackers. “Quick-connect”  modular assemblies facilitate maintenance.
  • High overall efficiency for unprecended throughput
  • Protected by one active patent and one patent pending