Stacking / Stick Infeed

Falcon Lath and Stick PlacerPrint

The Novilco Falcon Stick Placers are an integral part of the high speed stick placing system designed to significantly increase efficiency and eliminate bottleneck in the stacking section of sawmills. The magazines can be combined with a manual feeding system or a fully automated feeding system.



  • Two (2) modular “quick connect” mechanical assemblies that allow quick installation and
  • easy access to carry out maintenance
  • Can perform up to 35 cycles per minute with a proven efficiency rate exceeding 99.9%
  • Places sticks with extremely high accuracy: Sticks are always placed straight on the bundle
  • Able to handle every dimension of sticks and lath with lengths up to 8 feet
  • Able to handle sticks with defects like bow, twist, crook, cup etc.
  • Can be placed at every 12 inches which makes it highly suitable for hardwood applications
  • Can be retrofitted to an existing system 
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Available in fixed and mobile versions
  • If installed for a manually fed operation, it can be upgraded to a fully automated system using the same magazines. This reduces the capital expenditure for future upgrades.
48" Sticks
Precise stick placement
8' Sticks