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Electrical Continuous Tilt HoistPrint

Novilco's tilt hoist is designed as an ultra compact, fully electrical equipment, and is automated with cameras, features that yield a truly continuous flow at the planermill infeed.

Depending on the configuration, unstacking speeds can reach up to 20 rows per minute. As with many other Novilco equipment, the modular design allows for easy installation within an existing plant, and allows for the secondary hoist to be installed later as an upgrade. Moreover, the innovative placement of the secondary hoist - below the structure - allows for installation inside low-ceilinged buildings, making this machine ideal for plant upgrades. 




- Fully electrical
- Robust built, low maintenance
- Single or double lift configuration
- Lugged outfeed chain for speed control
- Compact design with integrated secondary hoist
- Modular for easy installation and upgrade

- Secondary lift
- Lath and dunnage reclaim system
- De-icing hammer

Continuous Tilt Hoist
Integrated Secondary Hoist
Installation in low-ceilinged building
Lugged Outfeed Chain


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