Asphalt Hot Boxes

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Novilco's hot box trailer is the perfect all-season asphalt patching tool for small pot-hole size to medium areas. Easy operation and maintenance, state-of-the-art flexible design, and fast service everywhere in Canada with our distribution network. 


Specifications and options

Base model:

  • Capacity: 1, 2, 4, or 6 tons
  • Bump box, activated by two parallel hydraulic cylinders
  • Dimensions (4T): 76’’ high x 83‘’ wide x 20' long
  • Tandem axle, industrial 16" tires, electric brakes and spring suspension
  • Heavy duty HSS frame
  • Insulated, hydraulic guillotine gate and heated platform
  • 105 000 BTU diesel burner with automatic temperature control
  • 12V battery and charger
  • Paint : Sand blast, epoxy primer and urethane finish
  • Controls located on the right side for operator safety
  • LED signal lights
  • Built with industrial grade components
  • Made in Canada

Heating OPTIONS:

  • Oil jacket covering bottom and three full walls (continuous, no cold spots) - Recycling Capacity
  • Hot air chamber
  • Triple wall

Other configurations:

For trucks and pickups, we also offer skid-mounted, slip-in asphalt boxes. 

equipment and accessories:

Our trailers are custom-built for each client, and we offer a full line of additional equipment and accessories. Follow the links below to know more, and don't hesitate to contact your dealer. 

Dumpbox, Hydraulic Doors