Technical Services

Novilco is a full-service company offering end-to-end engineering and fabrication services to the wood transformation industry:

Custom Project Development

Project Development

Novilco’s experienced team can work on all phases of the project focusing on custom, innovative and performance driven solutions. Our complete range of products and services include engineering, project management, fabrication, installation and commissioning of high performance industrial equipment. 

Fabrication of a log squaring equipment
Custom lath distribution system

Custom design and fabrication

Novilco has the ability to fabricate equipment per the needs and design specifications of its clients. Several other industries namely power generation (Cogeneration), mining, mobile equipment, heavy machinery and materials handling have already benefitted from this expertise.  

Trouble Shooting, Rebuilds and Retrofits

Research and Development

Novilco’s range of stand-out products is a result of our dedication to continuous research and development. Our unique products like the Sniper Lug Loader, Falcon stick placer and the Eco-stack board stacker are testaments of our strong know-how.