Parts and Service

After-Sales ServicePrint

Novilco’s team has a strong commitment to quality technical support after the commissioning phase of the project. Our clients receive all the necessary support including a complete range of spare parts in order to maintain the smooth running of their operations.


Moreover, we offer a comprehensive line of genuine Novilco parts, industry specific components and after-market parts.

We offer competitive pricing on standard components and our team is able to trouble-shoot, design and custom build parts for your equipment:

- Bearings
- PLC Components
- Bushings 
- Custom/Machined Parts
- Motors and Gear Reducers 
- Sprockets
- Chain, including modified chain
- Sheaves
- Belts
- Hydraulic Components
- Hose  
- Sprockets
- Couplings 
- Debarker spikes, tempered spike rolls, feed rolls 
- Cylinders of all kinds 
- Mechanical assemblies


Genuine and Custom Parts
Mechanical Assemblies
Optimisation of components